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Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa. Beautiful. Serene. Fresh. Green. These are just some words I would use to describe this peaceful mountainous, rice-filled, region of Vietnam. While touring through Southeast Asia, I embarked on a two day, 26 Kilometer trek through Sapa.

It started with an overnight train (hence the night shots below) and ended in a guest house somewhere in the mountain. Upon arrival in Sapa, my group was met by Cherpa’s, also known as members of the Lo Kai people. These women make the trek everyday to help tourists like myself walk through muddy, slippery, rocky roads for a mere tip of 60,000 Dong ($3.45). My Cherpa got a bigger tip because she had to put up with me stopping every 2 minutes to take a picture (so out of my character, not!).

Normally I have a ton to write about but I think the photos of Sapa will speak for themselves.


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