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Random Creations

Despite the title of this blog post, these photos were not completely random. On the contrary. I had an inspirational urge to photograph my rock collection (yes, I collect rocks). My collection is from all over the world. When I travel, I tend to look for rocks/stones with unique patterns and vibrant colors.

So as I sat doing work today, I just kept thinking about what I would shoot for my blog since it has really been a couple of weeks since I updated. Then I remembered my rocks. I have been wanting to photograph them for a while. I had this really awesome idea to head to Ace Hardware and buy me some sort of spray that would make my rocks look shiny and wet. I forgot though, that if I were to light these shiny rocks, they would be, well… Shiny! (and oh so un-photogenic). As I was having issues photographing them, I figured, hey, I have all these lights set up, I might as well play with objects around the APT. What came of it are the photos that follow (composed mostly of my Grandmothers artwork and little trinkets she likes to give me).

::side note:: the few rocks pictured here are from The Dead Sea in Israel, Petra in Jordan, Machu Piccu Peru and the Dart River in New Zealand.


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