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From the Branch to the Pancake…

On a recent trip to the NE part of the USA, I went apple picking. In lieu of the approaching holiday of Rosh Hashana, I thought to myself; what better time to post about apples then on the holiday when apples and honey are so popular!

Well, if I learned anything from my apple picking, its that when one of your best friends is a chef, and she picks apples with you, those apples go a loooooooonnngggggg way!

Once we got back to her superb kitchen in NYC, I watched (and ate) as she made me my very own German Apple Pancake which was TDF (to die for – for those who don’t speak acronym). My little Shortbread NYC chef also made Apple Crumble, Apple Bread, Apple Juice and Apple Sauce. By the end of the intense apple cooking session, there was nothing left of the apples but the tiny little stem that comes from the core!

If what you see makes you hungry, or you just plain old like it, you can check out the recipe by clicking here.

Shana Tova xx




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