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Rock ‘n’ Roll


I have never been one to listen to rock music… I am more of the occasional listener – when it happens to be on. However, I was recently given the opportunity (thank you huffingtonpost.com) to photograph KISS & Motley Crue during the early stages of their tour while here in South Florida (yes, I drove to West Palm Bch). This was just not one of those things I could pass up. Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. When I got there, I think I was the youngest, most un-rocker-like, of them all. I had never shot at the Cruzan Amphitheater and had no idea what was in store. Admittedly, I did spend the entire week prior to the show schooling myself on the popular MC & KISS songs that I knew I would be hearing. When the Crue (is it cool if I call them that?) walked through the crowd, opening up with ‘Saints of Los Angeles’, I was completely blown away. I didn’t know whether to look through the lens of my camera or to throw my hand up in the air (pointer & pinky style) and sing along to the song I just recently learned. Anyway, I only had a quick 2 songs to get what I could of ¬†MC – from a far away distance – and then I was off to the “photographer holding area”.

Fast forward one hour, there we were, about 12 photogs ready to shoot KISS!!! Oh, the adrenaline! As you may guess, I also spent a few days listening to KISS just to get myself in the mood. If you ask me now, I will tell you that I don’t even remember what the songs sounded like as they played them because I was completely fixated on capturing the band. From a photographers point of view, let me just say a big THANK YOU to the members of KISS for giving us the best shots we could ask for. They pointed, posed, stuck our their tongues, licked their guitar picks and vogued like there was no tomorrow. Just thinking about the shots I got of the world famous band gets my heart racing with excitement!!! So if you have stayed with me thus far in my rant, just know that these photos were a huge accomplishment for me…





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